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Preparing for Your First Orthodontic Visit

Preparing For Your First Orthodontist Visit It is finally time to visit the orthodontist!  Are you ready to consult with a specialist who will perfect your beautiful smile?  Maybe you are a bit nervous for your first visit, but receiving orthodontic treatment is a privilege. In addition to a beautiful new smile, you will also [...]

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What Do I Do If My Braces Wire Breaks Or Comes Loose?

Traditional braces may take a bit of getting used to, but they are a reliable and proven means of correcting even the most difficult malocclusion, or “bad bite.” If you brush after every meal, floss carefully and follow your orthodontist’s instructions, you’ll have a radiant, healthy, well-aligned smile before you know it. However, one scenario [...]

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Voted Fredericksburg Family Favorite Orthodontist 2017 – Fredericksburg Parent and Family

Fredericksburg Orthodontics is excited and honored to be voted a 2017 Fredericksburg Family Favorite for the community magazine Fredericksburg Parent and Family and we thank you for voting for us! We are so privileged to serve the great families of Fredericksburg and the surrounding communities. Dr. Diana Almy, a board certified orthodontist, and her team [...]

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Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center Receives Third Place in “The Best of Virginia”

Please join us in congratulating Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Centers on receiving third place in the “Best of Virginia 2017” by Virginia Living Magazine. Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center has been serving the Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg area for over 12 years. A board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Diana Almy combines state-of-the-art technology for increased patient comfort with [...]

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center in Fredericksburg, VA is excited to share our new website with our current patients and a new ones to come! The new website offers many features we hope will be helpful, such as an appointment request button to request an appointment online at your convenience. It also includes information about [...]

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Bone Medications’ Effect on Treatment

Postmenopausal women, in particular, are at risk for the bone-thinning disease called “osteoporosis,” for which the medications known as “bisphosphonates” are often prescribed. These drugs, which include alendronate (Fosamax), ibandronate (Boniva) and others, work by slowing or stopping the natural processes by which bone tissue dissolves, thereby helping to preserve bone density and strength. By [...]

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A Wider Perspective

In many cases, orthodontic treatment may focus as much on bone alignment, positioning and growth as it does on tooth placement. For instance, dental arches that are too narrow to accommodate all the teeth in the jaw may result in tooth crowding. Instead of extracting teeth, the orthodontist may elect to use an active appliance [...]

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Just as an interception can be a game-changer in football, “interceptive orthodontic treatment” can make a big difference in the treatment plan of very young patients. In the past, orthodontic treatment didn’t begin until around age 12-14 years, when all of teens’ permanent teeth had already erupted. Conventional wisdom also held that it was common [...]

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Adult Orthodontics

Faced with crooked/crowded teeth and/or bite problems that detract from their appearance and increase the potential for gum disease and possible tooth loss, more American adults are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment . The number of U.S. adults wearing orthodontic appliances currently stands at about 1.2 million, or 20 percent of the 5.9 million orthodontic patients [...]

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