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Adult Concerns

The majority of adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment are getting “braces” for the first time. Their primary reason for doing so is to correct crooked teeth that are preventing them from displaying the “picture-perfect” smile that garners attention on Facebook and helps promote advancement at work. Others are compelled by pain, discomfort, or dysfunction to [...]

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Relieving Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding, known as “bruxism,” is not only an annoyance to fellow sleepers, but it can also be a real problem for those who grind their back teeth together at night. As a result of sliding their teeth over one another (generally in a sideways, back-and-forth movement), bruxers can cause tooth wear and fractures. If [...]

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New Bruxism Detection Device

Unconscious grinding, gnashing, or clenching of teeth at night (known as “bruxism”) can be severe enough that it damages tooth enamel and leads to jaw disorders (including malocclusion). This condition is often caused by stress and can lead to damaged teeth, headaches, insomnia, and a sore jaw. Before the orthodontist can begin treatment to correct [...]

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Working at Cross Purposes

“Crossbite” is a malocclusion that occurs when the rows of teeth in the upper and lower dental arches essentially cross one another. It can be caused by inadequate jaw size, heredity, or mouth breathing (induced by large adenoids and tonsils), which results in an upper jaw that is too narrow to fit properly outside the bottom [...]

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Wired for Success

The “arch wires” that attach to the brackets on each tooth on a set of braces are so named because they extend along the arches created by the jaws. While traditional stainless steel arch wires exert more force on the teeth initially, the force dissipates relatively quickly. Newer nickel titanium wires keep the pressure on because [...]

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Upfront Advice

Treatment of prominent front teeth (commonly referred to as “buck teeth”) is undertaken to improve a child’s appearance and self-esteem as much as it is to improve his or her bite. While single-stage treatment during adolescence is often preferred, there is an argument to make for earlier treatment. Research shows that two-stage treatment (beginning at [...]

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